I’ve edited a collection called Waveform (University of Georgia Press, 2016), which celebrates an exuberant field of contemporary literature, the literary essay written by women. The contributors are thirty contemporary writers who have been instrumental in pushing the possibilities of the form. I discuss the book’s raison d’être at Essay Daily and Assay.

Haze Underway

I’m at work on Haze, an account of my late high school and early college days. Four years after my senior photo in a tree, I was a divorcée. “Float,” an excerpt published in volume 9, issue 1 of The Normal School, is a taste of the time when New Age was new. It was a “Notable Essay” in the 2017 edition of Best American Essays. “Houses of Detention” is another excerpt, online at the American Literary Review.

Companion to an Untold Story

Companion to an Untold Story is about the death by suicide of my friend Joel, who carried out a methodical plan to take his own life. The Companion is about my struggle to understand, to forgive my friend and myself, and to lay him peaceably to rest.

Companion to an Untold Story was awarded the AWP Prize in Creative Nonfiction.

Watch the trailer on YouTube or Vimeo. Listen to an interview on NPR’s The Story. Reviews, reactions, and more on the Companion here.

Girl Rearing

The girl being reared in Girl Rearing is me.